JUQ-045 | J-cup big newcomer "Aya Ueha" x popular "shared room" series! ! I Stayed In A Shared Room With My Female Boss At A Business Hotel On A Business Trip

JUQ-045 | J-cup big newcomer
Label: Madonna

Two years after I became a member of society, I was on a day trip with my senior Ueba. I was in love with my senior, who was beautiful and good at work and was the ideal boss that everyone envied. There is no way that my feelings for my senior, who is married, will come true, but the excitement of the two of us on a business trip did not stop. However, business negotiations with business partners do not go well and they end up staying in a hurry. Due to the big festival, we couldn't find a place to stay, so we managed to find an empty room and ended up staying there alone.


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