SSIS-878 | "If you can't go home, would you like to stay at my house?" I missed the last train due to overtime work and went to my big-breasted junior's house... She was so cute with no make-up and her drop-shaped, defenseless breasts that I couldn't help but feel... Mirei Uno

SSIS-878 |
Director: ZAMPA
Studio: S1 NO.1 STYLE

The rumor that when a girl gives you sex in her room is a sign that it's OK to have sex... it was true. When I missed the last train due to overtime, I asked, ``Senpai, is it okay if I stay with you?'' I lied and went to my junior colleague, Mr. Uno's room, even though my wife was there, but I had some ulterior motives. As soon as I entered the room, I took off my stockings, I could see a glimpse of her breasts, I was seduced by her close contact with me in my loungewear, I had a shy face with no make-up, which was different from the atmosphere at work... The forbidden fruit was so delicious that I fucked her all night, even though I knew it was cheating.


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