MIAB-141 | "Hey, teacher, a blowjob would be fine, right?" A student who loves his homeroom teacher (me) begs for a blowjob everywhere, gives him a facial, then continues to suck him and makes him ejaculate 22 times in a row... Hikaru Minazuki

MIAB-141 |
Director: Suisei Akai
Studio: MOODYZ

A blowjob is not cheating, so it's good! Hikaru loves her teacher too much, and she is tempted to give him a slimy blowjob! Classrooms, health rooms, trays, libraries, etc. By chasing and kneading everywhere, I will thoroughly squeeze out your balls until they are empty! Even after he cums, he licks the glans and sucks the balls thoroughly, causing a strong penis erection! I keep sucking the sensitive penis right after ejaculating using the back of my throat, I don't know anything like this! I can't stop shaking my lower back due to the level of super pleasure! Even if he ejaculates, cums on his face, or cums in his mouth, he will never let you escape with his stubborn hold! The supreme 22 shots that keep being made to cum over and over again with the inevitable blow job vacuum! In reality, it's not good for me to do this, but I can't help but feel the immorality of spraying my beloved student with my thick semen...!


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